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Can Kids Find Success On Keto?

Can kids find success on a low-carb or Ketogenic diet? If you asked Kealie Grimm, an employee here at Carbless Craze and an amazing mother of three boys, she’d probably tell you that every kid is different, but it is working for her son, Garrett, and their family. Childhood Obesity has more than tripled since the 1970’s. The “My Plate” guidelines which schools and every major government program base their nutrition off of, is obviously not working for most of the population. One incredible kid it wasn’t working for was Garrett, Kealie’s son, who has found great success with the Ketogenic diet. This is Garrett’s and Kealie’s story.

Garret, who is now 13, and a 6th grade student started the Ketogenic diet last April. Garrett was having a stressful and challenging time in middle school. He was being teased by other kids about his weight. He weighed 220 lbs and was also suffering from severe migraine headaches, that left him in pain and vomiting. Kealie knew that Garrett had to make some changes, but mostly diet changes. She researched and found that people were having great results for weight loss with keto, and they could eat good foods and not feel like they were on a diet. She didn’t want Garrett to feel like he was dieting, but just a new way of eating, and eating foods that he loved.

Since, Garrett started this lifestyle a year ago, he has lost 40 lbs! His initial weight loss “just melted off and he wasn’t even participating in sports at that time,” recalls Kealie. . It just goes to show, that you can’t out train a bad diet. Garrett also hasn’t experienced a migraine headache in over year since he started keto. He has gained self-confidence and his athleticism has greatly improved. Kealie said, “ He couldn’t even really run before keto, but now he can keep up and actually blow pass kids!.” He participates in many sports such as wrestling, baseball, and football now! Anyone knows that making a lifestyle change is hard work, and if a 5th grader can have the determination to get started and stick with it, than anyone can at least try!

Kealie, who is super busy and has 2 other boys, gave some great tips and advice on she managed to get her, her husband, Garrett, and their dog on a Ketogenic Diet! Her other two boys, do not have any weight or health issues and eat healthy, but she allows them more leniency with carbohydrates. So how exactly did she do this?. She said for lunches she would do lunch meats, a “ Fathead dough” recipe that she would use as buns or to wrap pepperoni and cheese, jerky, and nuts. Kealie would just look up a keto version of Garrett's favorite foods such as meatloaf, or sausage-egg sandwich, and she would use keto bread in place of regular bread. Garrett enjoys meats and cheeses so this lifestyle is much easier for him to maintain rather than a low-fat diet and not feeling satiated. Kealie would even bring home foods from Carbless Craze on those nights when she really didn’t have time to cook. Garrett is pretty committed to this lifestyle because of how great he feels, so when he wants a treat with friends or school, he will indulge, but gets back to his normal way of eating.

Kealie and her husband also live this lifestyle, and their dog. They put their dog on a raw carnivore diet for some health issues, and now she, Mia, is flourishing.

When I asked Kealie what were some challenges she faced or Garrett faced? She said the first week was the hardest because he was so used to sugar fueling his body, but after that he was great. She mentions that sometimes he wishes he could indulge more, but reminds him that you may not feel as good. She recalls a time, when he did have a treat and got really sick and vomited the next day. Kealie doesn’t want Garrett to feel restricted, so she never limits the quantity of his foods or limits protein. He is still a growing boy, and she acknowledges that.

We also talked about what other people think or say. She told me of how some of her son’s friends actually want to make the lifestyle change, but people hear keto and get freaked out. Hopefully, the more the LCHF diets are being used and showing success for many people including kids, it will be more widely accepted and more of an option in schools. No one bats an eye at a vegan, vegetarian, but keto or carnivore or even quitting sugar and it seems to carry a negative connotation. The Ketogenic diet has been around since the 1920’s to treat epilepsy in children. The Ketogenic diet has been shown to be an effective treatment for many other conditions such as cancer, diabetes, ADHD, Alzheimer's (which is being called type 3 Diabetes), and other mood disorders.

Garrett is proof that the Standard American Diet or “my plate” doesn’t work for everyone. He found a way to eat delicious foods without feeling deprived and not only lost weight, but those awful migraine headaches as well. More Importantly, he gained his health, confidence, and enjoyment of sports. His parents played a huge role in his success, by being his supporters, and leading by example.

Way to go Garrett!!!

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