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Cooking With Maria

Has anyone ever had an epic fail mkaing a new recipe? I have had many fails when cooking and baking. I found out that your kids will be the first to point out that “ it doesn’t look right, it tastes funny”, or they will just say an uplifting phrase like, “Ew...gross, Mom.” They are very good at telling the truth with baking and cooking. Since, I statrted diving more into keto recipes, I have used many of Maria Emmerich’s recipes from her website, and her book, Dairy Free Keto Recipes.  Maria’s books are so informative, easy to follow, and they all have the nutritional information included for the recipe.

Maria’s cookboks not only provide amazing recipes, but they dive into many  aspects of the ketogenic diet. The book Keto: A Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No Cook Meal Plans, is a book that will help anyone. I often refer back to this book if I have questions about diet set-up, fasting, and even mistakes often made. Another book of Maria’s that I LOVE is her Keto Comfort Foods. I have used many recipes from this book, mostly the really easy ones, but really great ones such as bone broth, Keto buns and bread, and BBQ Chicken (this might be in her Keto Instant Pot book). My kids really enjoy the BBQ chicken in the slow cooker.

I’m a pretty “basic” or lazy cooker. I cook a protein, some healthy fats, and include some vegtables. I have to say that these cookbooks provide a shopping list, and the recipes are easy to follow, if I can succeed at them, anyone can! One of my family's favorite recipes is her keto pumpkin cookies.They are so good!  I made these for Christmas Eve dinner and they were a hit! This is the link, Maria's Pumpkin Cookies if you want to try them out!

Maria's Keto Pumpkin Cookies! Yummy!

I find that whether you are doing keto or low carb, calories do matter. That’s why I love how the nutrtional information is added to each recipe… it’s just that little bit of extra love that makes these cookbooks special. Anyone who has ever created a recipe knows that this takes extra time to figure out, even with an app! Maria makes it easy for you to stick to your plan by providing all of this information for you.

The epic fails of keto cooking are over with Maria's books! Honestly, the recipes are so easy to follow and taste amazing. My suggestion is start with one or two recipes a week. Figure out all the ingredients you will need or take a picture of the recipe and go shopping. I usually send my husband to the store and I cook the meal. Then, the other days of the week, you can enjoy left overs or stop by Carbless Craze Cafe and get a low-carb pizza!

If you are not on your way to Barnes and Noble or logging into your Amazon account to order any of these books...you are missing out! You can also purchase any of Maria Emmerich’s book on her website https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/my-books/. She also has a ton of ebooks and great content on her site. You need to grab a copy of her latest book Keto Instant Pot, and stop by Carbless Craze Cafe on April 20, 2019, and meet this fabulous author, and enjoy some low -carb cookies and protein bread!

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