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Giving Up Is Not An Option

Have you ever hit a rough patch while trying to eat low carb or 'keto'? Are you at a standstill, and no matter what you do, you don't see any results?

Does it seem like you're consumed with negativity, fear, stress, confusion, and the plethora of other people's opinion's on how eating this way is bad for you? Or how you'll gain it all back? Or how.... (you know what they say)?

We're here to tell you it's not! We don't want you to give up! Don't give up! Keep pushing forward, and take this journey one step at a time! It takes time for our bodies to get keto adapted, and to start burning fat for fuel. What works for your friend, or your sister, or cousin, may not be what works for you!

Sometimes hearing this is NOT ENOUGH!

I am someone who needs to 'see it' to believe it. While working at the Café, we meet many people. One thing that we love is a success story...and a love story. They are inspirational and motivational! Here is where I bring you Billy & Karen.

Billy is 67 years old, and started Keto this year, in July. His starting weight was 197, and his goal weight was to get to 173 (which he's surpassed by the way). He had been suffering with many health problems such as being diabetic and insulin resistant, to having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and being overweight.

As of today (4 months later), with the help of his wonderful wife Karen, Billy has lost over 25lbs. He's off of all of his diabetic medicine, his cholesterol is down 90 points, and his blood pressure is normal. He attributes all of this success to the Ketogenic way of eating, that he and his wife have learned.

Here are some of the questions I asked them:

*Karen, what made you start with Keto for Billy, and not another way of eating?

"I did tons of research-A LOT-and found out what things were good for him and what wasn't. I made sure to do my research because I didn't want him defeated before he even started!"

*Billy, did you ever want to quit?

"Absolutely! At first, I wasn't losing or seeing any difference at all. I think it was because of my age and the fact that I was insulin resistant. And then, there's the negativity that others might bring without even knowing it. I began to get frustrated but Karen wouldn't let me give up. She's my biggest support! She tracked macros for me, my blood pressure, and weight too."-Billy

"I held him accountable but we also kept it realistic and I wouldn't let him give up. We started with small goals and since I tracked everything, I was able to see what foods helped his body and we kept going." -Karen

*What would you say you struggle with?

"My struggle is this sweet tooth that I have. But that's why we come here! Carbless Craze has helped me so much when I'm wanting something sweet. My favorites are the Dairy Free Lemon bars, and the Cookie Sandwiches."-Billy

*What advice would you give someone who wants to give up?

"DON'T DO IT! Don't give up! Do your research, and learn what foods are good for your body, and which ones aren't. Also give up all processed foods and buy fresh. Set realistic goals. Also everyone's different, find out what works for your body."-Karen

"Get a wife like mine!!"-Billy

As we all laugh, in the sweetest gesture, Billy holds his hand out to Karen in the shape of a half-heart. Karen reaches her hand out to complete the heart....(while my heart turns to mush and my eyes start to water). "I wouldn't have been able to do it without this woman right here". Billy says, smiling.

So, before you give up, before you give in to negative thoughts, other's opinions, or the frustration of not seeing progress, stop and take a minute to listen to your body. Re-affirm positivity into your life by not listening to the negativity, set small goals, do your research, find a support system, and above all else... DON'T. GIVE. UP.

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