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Keto Talk With Maria

Recently, I had the privelege to ask International Best-Selling Author, Maria Emmerich, some questions regarding her fabulous cook books and the ketogenic lifetyle. I have to say, that I was a little nervous to reach out to her, but she was more than happy to answer my questions. You can tell that Maria has a big heart and helping others gives her joy. Read to find out about Maria and the keto diet!

What’s a typical day like for you ? Routines?

Here is a video of my workout and eating routine: https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/my-keto-life/

Creating recipes and writing these fabulous cookbooks must take a ton of time, are you still taking on clients ?

Yes! I love helping others feel amazing! In addition to phone consultations. I also have a support site with Sunday Support Group meetings and a perfected meal planner where clients can design their own perfected meal plans with any food allergy (they can select dairy free/ nut free/ egg free/ vegetarian as well as workout videos I made and much more at Keto-adapted.com.

And with growing popularity of Keto and inability to keep up with the demand of clients, I started teaching a Keto school to help others become certified Keto coaches: https://keto-adapted.com/keto-coach/

I know keto is a lifestyle for you and your family... and it seems like everyone is on board, which is awesome, but did you have any challenges early on? I feel here in Youngstown, most doctors still give low fat recommendations, just curious if this was something you dealt with too?

Yes. When you change your diet it seems like the food pushers come out of the woodwork. People respect others when they are cutting alcohol, but cutting sugar seems to trigger others and they seem to want you to fail. I had slip ups but after 20 years, I don’t get tempted at all. I love Keto food more than anything!

Cholesterol and keto? I know you have a video on your website, but for those who haven’t seen it, should we be worried about a higher cholesterol number?

Well, if someone is doing bulletproof coffee and fat bombs, then yes, it is a concern. I wrote about why here: https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/harmful-effects-of-bulletproof-coffee-and-fat-bombs/

There is a need for cholesterol but you want to get it from real food. Cholesterol is so important to the human body that nature has devised a backup plan in the event your diet falls short. When that happens, your liver steps in to make cholesterol to give your body a baseline level. The high levels of insulin that are released in a low-fat, high-carb diet also trigger the body to tap off leftover blood sugar into the liver to make cholesterol and triglycerides which are used for energy and fat storage.

In its natural, unstressed state your liver makes 75% of the cholesterol your body needs. The rest you have to eat, which is my favorite food group, meat, shellfish and eggs.

If you deprive yourself of cholesterol, your liver overproduces cholesterol to make up the difference and stocks up. This overdrive state can’t shut off until you start eating cholesterol again.

Most importantly, the biggest contributor to heart disease risk is inflammation. A well formulated keto-adapted diet is very low in inflammation. Sugar and carbs are the big culprits when it comes to increased inflammation. Coronary Artery Disease occurs when an LDL particle (usually a small dense one) gets lodged in a lesion (caused by inflammation) in the artery wall. It then releases its cholesterol into the artery wall which starts the formation of plaque. So if you have very low inflammation and no arterial lesions for the LDL to get stuck in, your cholesterol numbers aren’t really relevant.

Watch this helpful YouTube video:


Carnivore vs keto. Please clear up the confusion. I have seen and read so many different views on this. Too much protein isn’t good, increase protein if you want to be leaner and more satiated... I have heard you and your husband Craig Emmerich on podcasts say you lean more towards a carnivore diet, so what does that fat/ protein split look like?

No. Too much protein doesn’t turn into sugar. This misinformation is exactly why I started teaching the Keto Coaching school. There’s too much bad info out there. Here is a helpful video: https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/gluconeogenesis-on-a-ketogenic-diet/

You don’t need to add fat just to add fat. A steak alone is Keto. If you want to burn body fat, you want less dietary fat. That way you use your body fat for fuel. It is all about getting into the negative fat flux which I wrote about in Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.

What would you consider to be too high protein?

It’s too hard too eat that much. Just avoid whey protein and vegetarian protein sources.

When will  the “Keto Condo” be available to rent? I love the pictures and videos of Hawaii you post. It looks so beautiful.

Awe! You are SO kind! It is heaven on earth! It is officially open now! We closed April 1st!

Do you have a favorite success story?

Yes! . One client really sticks out in my mind. Kiki, was a middle-aged woman who came into my office. I saw her often in the weight lifting class that I take three times a week, but I never talked to her. It was impossible to ignore that she always wore a bandana on her head, but I never knew why. Her story is that in her 20’s she started losing her hair and by the time she came into my office, it was completely gone.

I love this story because Kiki was a professor so I never saw her at the gym during the school year. After 6 months of my anti-inflammatory, keto-adapted, gluten free diet, Kiki walked into the gym with a bandanna on like usual, and ran up to me with a huge grin. She ripped her bandanna off and had a full head of hair. She said with delight, “I had my first hair cut in 10 years!” As a woman, I can’t imagine. I use to let those “bad hair days” upset me, but after meeting Kiki, that just seems silly.

She thought I was crazy when I told her that she had a food allergy causing her to lose her hair. She is a total believer now! She was so excited that she had her first hair cut in over 10 years!

We eliminated certain foods and added in some specific supplements to help with skin and hair conditions.

What made you decide to come to Youngstown, OH, to Carbless Craze Cafe? Im apologizing in advance, the people are great, but it’s got nothing on Hawaii or Wisconsin!

I LOVE exploring! Anywhere! And if someone offers me an opportunity, I rarely say no;)

I also want to support Keto restaurants so they survive and thrive!

My favorite quality about you Maria, is that when your husband lost his job, and  you didn’t think you could afford the adoption of your boys, you got or work. You had the confidence and belief in yourself that you  could write these cookbooks. What advice would you give the mom or the woman who is a situation like you were, or even just feels hopeless with weight loss?

Well, honestly, writing gave me a reason to wake up. I was extremely depressed and sad about our situation but focusing on something positive is how I roll in all aspects of life. Even diet. Never focus on what you can no longer eat... focus on all the yummy food you CAN have!

Are you still offering your Keto Coach program? Who is that for?

Yes! Registration starts April 1 for the next semester and fills fast! It is for anyone who wants to change their life and start helping others!

Is Keto Air Fryer out? What's next for you?

No. I’m editing it now and it takes months! Preorder starts late June. Official release is December.

Quick Questions:

1. Intermittent faster? Yep

2. Favorite keto meal? Burgers

3. Favorite keto treat? Keto ice cream

4. Someone you follow or is like a mentor to you?

Honestly, I’m such a different type of woman... I don’t like shopping, I prefer to hide in the woods... literally, I bow hunt and fish. I don’t focus on others or strive to be anyone else but myself!

5. What’s a  book you love that you’d recommend to someone or changed your life?

The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance

6. Have you ever been to Youngstown? Nope

7. Favorite place to travel?

Italy! I teach Keto in Italy every year and it’s the most amazing trip! We even stayed in a castle last year!

A huge THANK YOU to Maria for coming and doing a book signing and Keto talk at our café!!! Be sure to check out Maria on MariaMindBodyHealth.com

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