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Ten Keto Tips While Traveling

The school days are winding down, the weather is getting warmer, and many people (tired teachers) and families are planning some sort of get away or family vacation. Does that mean you need to give up all of your hard work, and healthy eating habits? NOT AT ALL! You can go on vacation and mainatain your keto or LCHF lifestyle. You can also indulge in a treat or meal if that’s what you choose to do. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You are not a failure if you indulge in an ice cream cone or a decadent chocolate brownie. You aren’t going to lose all your progress from a few treats. However, if maintence or continued progress is what you want even on vacation, you need to try and mainatin your healthy eating habits. This is where being prepared and planning before your trip can help ease your anxiety over food and travel.

1. Google grocery stores near your resort or hotel. Walmart, Target, and Amazon Prime all have a delivery service. You can make your grocery list online and have it delivered to your hotel when you arrive.

2. If grocery shopping isn’t what you want to do, consider Carbless Craze Cafe’s meal prep service. You can purchase a cooler on Amazon like this Isobag cooler, pack your meals and carry it on the plane.

3. Keto snacks are also great to have on hand. Some of my favorites are: Epic Pork Rinds, Wild Planet Sardines, Nick Sticks, almond butter (I make my own), macademia nuts, hard-boiled eggs, pepperoni, cheeses cut, low carb cookies and/or a couple slices of pizza from Carbless Craze Cafe. Pizza is awesome when it’s cold and an easy lunch on the go!

4.Fasting or Intermittent fasting are great tools to utilize when traveling and on vacation. Skipping breakfast or lunch and just waiting to eat dinner can save you money and calories.

5.Eating out isn’t really that difficult. Most places have steak, burgers, fish, or chicken. Just get it grilled or pan- seared without the starchy sides. Yes it may not be the best oils or grass-fed meat, but it is still keto/ LCHF.

6.Go on vacation at Maria Emmerich’s  Keto Condo in Hawaii! I know, this should be number one!

7.Plan an active or busy vacation. I love a vacation where I’m sightseeing, walking, white water rafting, swimming, etc. So maybe you are planning a relaxing beach vacation, just try and plan some activities even if it’s shopping. This way you arent constantly snacking on the beach or enjoying too many adult beverages!

8. Book a hotel or resort with a kitchen. This way, you can order your groceries to be delivered and cook a meal. Vacation should be about enjoying life and eating out so you don’t have to cook, but cooking your breakfast or first meal can keep on track to be more successful throught your vacation.

9.Ignore food pushers. You don’t need to explain yourself or justify your food choices to anyone.

10.Meditate! Stress produces cortisol, which can delay your weight-loss goals. So quit worrying and take 15-20 minutes in the morning to meditate and relax.

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